The story of me playing poker to earn some $$$

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

End of Month 1 Round Up

Been an interesting month. Have enjoyed the fact that I can play poker as and when I feel like it.
I only played for 13 days out of 30, but that was fine by me, and now for the results...

Day. Profit / Hours

1. $18 /3
2. $67 / 3
3. $72 / 4
4. $0 / 2
5. $40 / 1.5
6. $53 / 2.5
7. $41 / 3
8. -
9. $59 / 3
10. -
11. $58 / 8
12. $26 / 3*
13. $4 / 3*

*$50 bonus cleared over these days but still pending, so not included in account.

Total Profit: $438
Total Hours: 36
Total Profit/Hour: $12.16

That's £7 an hour tax free!
Im happy with that

Day 13

Played some random games tonight.
Played an NL cash game with a free $10 I got from a site, wanted to ante up quickly and busted when I got my money in with a straight & flush draw, I made the nut flush but opponent back into runner runner full house. Was only messing on the freeroll so I wont include in end of month account.

Mainly played the same as last night, a mix of levels and limit holdem and omaha 8+. Ran my chips up quickly but my game and attention strayed so I only ended up about $4 for around 3hours play. I shoulve released a fair bit of bonus in this time, but I cant be sure until Ive played the full quota, as there is no raked hand counter on Diamond Club.

Account coming tomorrow as im tired, and limit holdem is on live @ the bike.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Day 12

Just killing some time while watching live @ the bike I decided to work on a new bonus @ Diamond Club Poker. Of which I cant be sure how much I cleared until it is totally released.

I played for under 3 hours of various stakes limit holdem on up to 3 tables, and for the 1st time I played some limit O8+, as the game just looked so soft, and I like to play all the games. I played various limits, as there werent many tables running, so no idea on BBs. Playing profit was $26.26, mainly thanks to destroying one holdem table for 40BBs (@.25/.50).

Tomorrow is the final day of month one, so I might do a round up, and perhaps start a new blog or list for month 2.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Days 10 & 11

Didnt post on day 10, I was steaming too much :o)

I decided to play at Paradise (hardly!) Poker. They had a reload bonus and I fancied my chances against the loose passive games.

I played 3 tables of .5/1 limit holdem for a total of about 8 hours, over the two days.

After the first few orbits the tone was set for the duration, even though I made some great folds, that I might not normally make, I was still stuck bad.
I hadnt had a losing session for a while, and I suppose it was a matter of time, but this was abnormal. After the 1st night I was very stuck, and at these times you just dont want to be raising my BB (lol). I probably shouldnt, but when losing I sometimes decide to work on my blind defence and stealing, but Im pretty sure my A or B game is better than this.
I think I made the right adjustments for these loose passive games, maybe I played a bit too loose from certain positions. But to have a comfortable hand at showdown on these tables you will need a big hand, close to, or maybe even, the nuts. Other than that im in a raising war against 4 people with top pair top kicker to make them pay to hit a set, kicker, backdoor draw or any random hand they are calling me with, which they inevitably hit when a 'blank' falls on the river. Because of this I like to play big suited cards, straightening cards and pocket pairs, from many positions, because I can really hammer my opponents when these hit, and they will pay to draw dead.

Before this session I was thinking of playing poker on my travels in america to get some money together, the play @ any limits in the casinos just looks too inviting, and I think I could make some money on a pretty measly bankroll, and maybe move up limits. But after the varience Ive encountered at these loose games I think it would be hard for me to manage consistently.

Maybe Im over-reacting to what is my first playing loss for a while, but there was lots of money to be made, and I was unhappy not to get any of it. I did make money overall, but there are no such bonuses to be made when playing live in a casino, plus you have to beat the rake and the toke!

After all was said and done I ran to the cashier with $58 of gross profit.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Day 9

After getting notification of only £20 bonus yesterday I went back to Ritz Club London to get the last £5. Was told that I would have to play for another hour without break to get the last of the bonus. That means my playing profit from yesterday was bigger than I expected!

I played a only a few orbits, got AK second hand and lost a decent pot to a big fish at the table, who had K2 and spiked his kicker on the turn. The table broke up but the fish was left and I wanted my money back, so I was UTG with 66 and raise (5 handed), everyone folds to fish who called, I think there were 2 overcards but I just thought Id bet into them for value the whole way, and my 66 held up to get my money back. I left the table as only 3 or 4 were left playing, and my shorthanded game isnt too good. A few minutes later I got an email saying I had released the last £5 of bonus, sweet!

Meanwhile, I played a $2 PLO8+ SNG @ Absolute Poker, and continued my good run there taking the top prize ($9), I wont count this towards my winnings as Im freerolling at Absolute for a while.

I struggled to get a 1/2 game elsewhere so Im calling it a night.

Revised (total) earnings for day 8&9 are: $59
Day 8 will be edited accordingly

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Day 8

Playing 3 hours of 1/2 limit holdem @ Ritz Club London.

My game was neither here or there today, by my own standards I would consider it average. But I got the better of the game in the end. Ended up around 5BBs ($10) for playing profit. Cleared £20 in bonus. Total profit continued onto day 9.

Not much else to report. Apart from one day I may be able to laydown top pair with a big kicker lol.

Next up is The Gaming Club. The 1/2 games ive struggled with there, but after some more experience at the tighter tables I will go into them with confidence. However, if I spot softer games at lower levels, and I can clear bonus at lower levels, I may drop back down for a little bit, or mix it up.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Day 7

Playing 3 hours of 1/2 limit holdem @ ukbetting.

What a rollercoaster! Quickly up 10BBs, bled away for a while, then took a few hits in a row, got down 15BBs, right in the last few orbits of the night I got up 3 or 4BBs, and in my last hand (KK) lost a decent pot. Ended up down 1BB ($2), the way things were running, I was happy with that, as Id convinced myself that this was an overdue loosing session, but tryed to keep a clear mind, not try to win back my losses, just to carry on playing solid (which in the past I had found hard to do, especially at higher levels.. can you say TILT!).

I also cleared £25 in bonus. Total earnings of $41 at the close of business.

Today shouldve been all about saving bets, many of which I did not save, but I certainly didnt lose pots by being passive! And picked up some nice pots with A high at showdown, many of which wouldve been lost passively. I'm learning though, and feel my poker is getting there, and the adjustments are being made for playing against much tighter opponents.

I play very tight, solid and agressive. But players quickly find out I dont defend my blind much at all when out of position, and it costs me. But saying that, a player who stole my blind virtually every chance they could was actually my main sourse of funds. They would often call my early position raise from the BB when it was going to be heads up, and would then try to outplay me. They were calling with VERY marginal hands (K8o I saw once). Maybe this was their style, and they seemed like they could play, but I got the better of all of these confrontations, extracting the most at every opportunity. They also spotted that I would keep firing at the pot with anything in these battles, and I had made some good (thoughtout) calls, im not just talking about blind betting, but solid play, this meant they would pay me off with lesser hands than usual.

Im all for giving action to get action, but in limit you sometimes need credit to pick up pots without the best of it. When my post flop play is better and I can get away from more hands I may loosen up. In these games advertising really goes un-noticed, but clever opponents may spot that I can easily play AQ like AA or top set and vice versa.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Day 6

Playing 2 tables of 1/2 limit holdem @ totalbet for 2 1/2 hours.

Played nicely. I was very conservative, but I was still getting paid. Probably the most disciplined I have played in one session. My value betting was better, more thoughtout. I only paid off one opponent when I thought I was beat, they either had one specific card or nothing, they had the card.

I ended up $10 for the session. I was extatic with that. 1BB per hour (per table) I feel is very good in these games. I cleared £25 in bonus, which is just over $40. Cashout profit will be $53. But I may leave the money there for next months offer (if my bankroll will allow that).